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Positive Aspects of Onscreen Evaluation System for Answer Sheet Checking

As compared to the traditional paper-based examination the online examination is the much simpler way, to upload the result more rapidly, but still many institutions follow, descriptive tests where the answer books are hand written and examined manually. The problems of traditional assessment are the evaluators are to be invited to examination center or the evaluators carry the answer sheet to home. A controller of examination, definitely assume a fast result publication, however it is totally matter to the performance of an assessment by the evaluators. The target of faster result distributing and assessment ought not overlook to ensure the quality of assessment in terms less time spent in an answer scripts and limit of assessing most extreme script in a day.

Let us think, a solution, where evaluators assess answer scripts online and to assess no allocation of answer script booklets to evaluators. You may feel it is unreal, however, it is genuine. On screen evaluation system gives reliefs to the pain of the manual assessment process. Learning Spiral Pvt. Ltd provides solutions to cover all your needs across the entire examination life-cycle. So from online to offline exams, our solutions and services have you covered at every step!

In the traditional method for answer sheet evaluation it is basic to hide identify of candidate information to avoid malpractices but onscreen evaluation wipe out the greater part of the issue of conventional procedures.

Using the onscreen evaluation process, without much of a stretch you can readily manage moderation and rechecking work, as software reassigned answer sheet copy to moderator. It enables to conduct an online assessment of the answer scripts by digitization. The answer scripts are digitized and transferred on the server for assessment by the evaluators.

The system performs the entire examination lifecycle, for example, Question Paper Generation, On-screen Evaluation of the appropriate answer scripts, Result Compilation, Mark-Sheet/Certificate Generation.

The Solutions Offered by On-Screen Evaluation System?

On-Screen Evaluation System additionally enables simple and quicker spread of data to the concerned stakeholders while balancing strategic difficulties and costs. Therefore, On-Screen Evaluation System brings in transparency and consistency to the evaluation processes.

 Ease and Convenience – This system is easy for all the stakeholders, as it replicates all manual procedures and also gives benefits that are not offered in the manual examination method. Apart from the administrative ease, the complex processes of multiple marking, question-wise marking and managing evaluation process becomes hassle-free due to powerful automation and digitization.

 Security – Transporting scripts back and forth from the examiners to the central hub is not as safe as having this detail centrally kept with proper control over access. There is a probability of these scripts being lost in transit, not assessed, ruined or damaged. This is where automation can best give the desired protection with less likelihood of loss or damage. Most importantly, the scripts are safely scanned and are always encrypted to enhance security.

 Efficiency and Accuracy – Real time monitoring of answer scripts assures the total reduction of administrative errors that involve the wrong calculation of marks, un-evaluated queries and as a result, improper giving of marks.

 Quality – During evaluation, quality can be reliably observed through the seeding process. As a part of this procedure, evaluators will get scripts that are pre-evaluated by professional markers for assessment. This method of regularly checking evaluation will improve the entire quality of evaluations.

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