We cater to the most demanding post examination processing analytics of both question item performance and applicant performance. Our online examination solution / university examination system can help you to meet all your needs related to exam processing from result publication, question bank management to seat allocation etc.

Question Analysis

  • Analyse responses for particular questions
  • Identify faulty questions

Result Analysis

  • Compute results
  • Calibrate scores
  • Analyse performance

Score Card

  • Design mark-sheets/
    Score cards & print

Seat Allocation

  • Custom seat allocation logic
  • Merit & Choice based logic
  • Online/Offine counseling
  • Online interviews

Result Publication

  • SMS broadcast
  • Email Score Cards to applicants


  • Emails/SMS broadcast
  • Auto phone call
  • Chat/Helpdesk

Mobile App

  • Custom mobile app
  • Applicant interface
  • Fully mobile optimize


  • Custom & standard reports
  • Export to excel/pdf

RTI & Audit trails

  • IP, Time stamped audit trail
  • Keep records for 3 years