Online Assessment Test



Positive Aspects of Onscreen Evaluation System for Answer Sheet Checking

As compared to the traditional paper-based examination the online examination is the much simpler way, to upload the result more rapidly, but still many institutions follow, descriptive tests where the answer books are hand written and examined manually. The problems of traditional assessment are the evaluators are to be invited to examination center or the evaluators carry […]



Trending Solutions for University Management

A good education is a must for the identity and advancement of an individual. It also goes a long way in deciding the final destiny of a person. With the evolving times, the approach towards education has undergone dramatic changes. The world has understood the significance of education and is devoting lots of time, resources and energy[…]

University Management System



Design concepts for a modern University management system

Earlier, the concept of an integrated university management system was akin to a large complex ERP system which does everything for everybody. Unfortunately, this is a dream. Most systems of this nature become unwieldy and difficult to maintain or modify. In a rapidly changing field of education wherein the whole concept of a University is changing this[…]