u can assess

Our online examination system meets demanding high stake exam criterion. From scalability, disaster management to fault tolerance we have you covered. The application supports question item and response level encryption even while adhering to international QTI specification for question item storage.

Online Assessment Engine

  • Author

    20+ Question types
    Supports Latex/formula
    Supports numerous languages
    Arrange in modules/papers
    Verification workflow
    Categories items on different dimensions

  • Distribute

    Question & option jumbling
    256 bit encryption
    Items exposed only 30 min before exam

  • Administer

    LAN / Online options
    CCTV & Biometrics
    Secure Browser to lock PC

  • Analyse

    Post Exam item performance
    Applicant Scores & Calibration
    Compile Scores & Merit lists

  • Assure

    5 minute interval backup
    Audit trail & RTI compliant
    Scalable & Reliable