University Examination system

Every year more than a million students get the marks they deserve thanks to SmartExam! This is our product that has been developed to manage the university examination management system.

University Examination Management System

  • Enrollment

    Online application & payments
    Online verification by college & then University
    Online Assessment Test
    Custom Enrollment numbers
    Print enrollment registers

  • Pre-Exam

    Online forms & payments
    Auto eligibility checking
    Centre & roll no allocation
    Admit Cards & attendance sheets
    Print Roll lists, Question paper counts, Sitting plans etc.

  • Post-Exam

    Set course Schema
    Generate results as per schema
    Print TR/Mark sheets
    Upload to National Academic Depository
    UFM handling/Reporting
    Declare results online/SMS/Email
    Custom print ready reports

  • Evaluation

    Online marks capturing
    Digital evaluation
    OMR/Double Entry import
    Dummy numbering

  • Confidential

    Appoint paper setter/hecker
    Automatic reminders
    Measure performance

  • Communication

    Emails/SMS broadcast
    Auto phone call

  • Mobile Ready

    Custom mobile app
    Applicant interface
    Fully mobile optimised

  • Reports

    Custom & standard reports
    Export to excel/pdf

  • Finance & Store

    Integrate remuneration of valuers, papers setters etc
    Online payments & split payments between college & university
    Manage asset like answer booklet, stationery etc.