Social Media Marketing in Raipur



The ways in which digital marketing directly affects Business Growth

Digital marketing today is a well-known medium of marketing. It has in fact totally changed the definition of marketing. Some of the ways in which it has redefined things are as below: 1. Traffic reach or reach to the target audience. In place of reaching dozens of people in a smaller locality now, it’s possible to reach […]

Online Exam Solution



Why are online exams gaining popularity in India?

In India the conventional method for conducting examinations – on pen and paper; are subject to lots of difficulties. The challenges are faced by students, instructors, examiners and institutions at large. The difficulties can emerge in the form of accidental question paper leakage, cheating on exams or even faulty paper checking leading to inaccurate scoring by students. These[…]



Top 5 Benefits of University Management System

A good university management system ensures improved academic delivery, working efficiency and better student achievements. It provides several benefits for candidates, staff and the organization. As the education landscape is experiencing a steady change, it has become essential for Universities to use an innovative university management system to overcome present and future issues. Listed below are some[…]