University Management System

Design concepts for a modern University management system

Earlier, the concept of an integrated university management system was akin to a large complex ERP system which does everything for everybody. Unfortunately, this is a dream.

Most systems of this nature become unwieldy and difficult to maintain or modify. In a rapidly changing field of education wherein the whole concept of a University is changing this is totally undesirable.

Infact, today’s times are the era of apps. That is modern applications which do one thing, but do it really well. But what makes this exciting is that today these applications are designed to talk to each other in a flexible and easy manner through the use of what is commonly called APIs. This is the new world and paradigm for integrated and enterprise applications.

Learning Spiral has designed its systems, keeping this concept in mind. This ensures that one can chose a mixture of cloud based application along with our suite of specialized modules which help in achieving the dream of an efficient university administration.

This new design principal reduces lock in and allows users to switch to solutions which suits them best.

The role of an ideal University Management System are:

 Drive operational productivity.
 Self-service systems with easy to use with practically zero intervention.
 Reduction of duplicate data entry processes.
 Integrated with online application work flows and concepts of self service
 Tracking and insight into processes for the management.
 Automation of the Academic/Evaluation/Management functions.
 Ease and accuracy of reporting.

Learning Spiral is a leading educational software solution provider for universities. Our solutions help to streamline and manage challenging tasks a whole lot better. This university management system is made from the ground up for the uniquely Indian scenario. It is not a copy paste of foreign and alien processes on Indian realities. This ensures better solutions and also lower costs, thus making it suitable for all kinds of small and large universities.

About University Management SystemWe have a critical domain understanding, having served more than 35 Central and State Universities. This has helped us develop a system which can help you accomplish the goal of automation at a record time. Fastest go live is one of the immediate benefits and our key selling point.

Our University management system modules have impacted the lives of more than 3 million Students till date and also help monitor academic and evaluation activities for more than 1000+ institutes across India.

Modules are created keeping in mind the various different patterns of university operation, and can be customized according to the demands of the university.

University Management System developed by Learning Spiral consists of the following Modules.

1. SmartHR (HR and Payroll Management)
This module will help in keeping up with the drudgery of keeping legitimate records of employment details, attendance, leaves, pay slip, contracts, and so forth.

2. SmartExam (Student life cycle and Examination Management)
The module is used for university student record keeping right from their entry till placement. Managing the complete student life cycle and exam process life cycles from the time of entrance to recruitment is a major pain area which is addressed by this module.

3. SmartFinance (Accounting & Finance Management)
Accounting & finance management is key to any organization. This module offers important basic accounting and finance functionalities.

4. UCanHelp (RTI & Grievances Management)
RTI or Grievance management is a statutory requirement for higher education institute today. This module helps in effective management of the same.

5. UCanApply (online application and admission engine)
Most Universities have on campus courses for PG and PhD levels. This module helps in receiving and handling the processes related to admission and selection.

6. UCanRecruit (Online application and recruitment engine)
Universities need to follow due process in recruitment of eligible and suitable future employees. This module helps in managing this entire workflow from online application to final selection.

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